Girls bowling strike for their goals


Ihssan Ait-Boucherbil, News Editor

On Feb 3, the girls placed first at the District invite, beating Plainfield South, East, and North for the second year in a row.

“It was so fun. We bowled three games and then the seniors were introduced. There were four ‘baker’ games and we went head to head with South and came out on top,” Ashley Sprenkle, senior said.

The team is very dedicated to bowling and have many practices after school.

“I love bowling because it’s a different challenge every day. You never know what the conditions are going into it. You work with what you have, and do everything you can for your team and yourself,” Stephanie Eden, senior said.

The season has started off well.

“As an individual this year, I placed 14th on varsity at Sycamore. I also, that same day, received the high game award, bowling at 230. This year, at the Fenton Invite, we received most consecutive marks as a team, with 28 marks,” Eden said.

Most of the girls have enjoyed bowling since a very young age.

“I started bowling when I was 8 years old,” Samantha Asztalos, senior said.

“I like bowling because we are a team and I get to meet a lot of energetic people,” Heather Petkewicz, sophomore, said.

The girls are always striving to improve throughout the season.

“I could improve on having both a strong morning and afternoon. I usually slack off either during the morning or afternoon session. I also think the team needs to work attitude. The one thing that brings us down is the attitude when we get a bad break or miss a spare,” Rachel Kulhanek, senior, said.

The girls’ bowling team is very close, with each other and with opposing team schools.

“I like getting to meet all the girls from the other schools. It’s a great time,” said Asztalos.

Many of the senior girls are planning to continue bowling after high school.

“I want to go to college with a scholarship for it, since they didn’t offer it as a sport at Lewis University. I will join leagues to keep up with my bowling but won’t participate in competitions,” Kulhanek said. The girls’ senior night was on Feb. 3, and was the perfect ending for the season.

“As a senior, I think that the team has a lot of potential and if we all put our hearts into it we can get really far. Our coaches really encourage team bonding. We’ve had a lot of team dinners and parties,” said Eden.

On Feb. 7, the bowling team will be competing at Brunswick Zone for Regionals. The top four schools will compete at Sectionals.