Girls’ varsity basketball dribbles onward

Elizabeth Cybulski, News Editor

After a strong start to the season, the girls’ varsity basketball team is ready to take on Oswego.

“The toughest team to face will probably be Oswego; they have a lot of talent this year,” Bailee McDonald, junior, said.

“My favorite part of playing basketball is playing against competitive teams,” Hennessey Handy, junior, said.

Knowing they are tough, the girls have been working harder.

“The team prepares for the games by analyzing the films, reviewing measurable statistics, and we enforce the positives and review the negatives to move forward,” Jennifer Murphy, head coach, said.

Some girls have special routines they use to prepare.

“I get ready for games by putting on headphones and avoid getting off task and trying to stay focused,” Handy said.

Beyond preparing for this game, the team is preparing goals for the season and life in general.

“The goals for this season are to maintain a team G.P.A of 3.0, to achieve more wins than previous years, to win conference and also to continue to help guide our student athletes in the right direction to move forward,” Murphy said.

“My goals for this season are getting better at plays, becoming a bigger family with my teammates and having good communication with my team,” Nora Wold, junior, said.

“My goal for this season is not to get hurt,” Kristen Kissel, junior, said.

Love for the game also inspires many of the athletes on the team.

“I love that you get out what you put in. The harder you work, the better you will be at playing basketball, and how much you actually work shows off,” said McDonald.

“I love playing basketball, because it’s my passion and the only thing that keeps my mind right,” said Handy.

“I like winning games as a team and working together and communicating,” Kissel said.

However, basketball is not just a game to these girls, but they form bonds off the court as well.

“My favorite part of basketball season is getting with my girls and having fun and being a close family,” Wold said. “At the end of the season freshman year, we had a party all together and had a great time bonding and having fun.”

“So far my favorite part of coaching basketball here at PCHS, has been watching the team grow as one unit, and I truly believe that the team is going to be surprising everyone around us,” Murphy said.

This is Murphy’s first year as varsity coach.

“I love coaching here, it has been a rewarding experience in the short time I spent here, and the student athletes are amazing, plus the staff is friendly,” Murphy said.