Wildcats softball looks to improve for future


Emily Wong, Staff Writer

The girl’s varsity softball team has had an eventful season so far with 5 wins and 10 losses. The team is striving to improve techniques to help secure more wins. Katelyn Welsh, head coach of three years, believes in the softball team’s confidence to succeed and end on a strong note.

“I think importing knowledge and challenging the girls to think about the game in ways they haven’t before helps them grow,” Welsh said. “I really enjoy working with the girls, always have, always will.” 

One of the team’s major accomplishments this season was their 17-16 win against Joliet West. It was a close game, but the girls persevered and worked together as a unit to lock in their victory against the team. 

 The girls have worked hard this season to accomplish not only the team’s goals but their own as well.

“The blood, sweat, and tears that I have put into this sport have led up to me being offered a full ride to college, which is my biggest achievement, pushing me to aim for the highest I can go,” Paige Rizzo, senior, said.

Rizzo accepted her scholarship and signed with Prairie State College that night on April 20.

Despite having more losses than wins, the girls still try to have fun while staying focused as well as making sure newer members of the team feel welcome. 

 “The biggest obstacle that I have is the sense of adjustments,” Rizzo said, “when I first came here, I was looking around, asking if I belong and if I should be myself, but I chose to let my true colors show and my talents fly, which came together with the team making us who we are today.” 

The girls will continue to work hard and finish their season with positive minds and strong mentalities to end with a long-lasting memory.

“I’d say we’re a lot closer this year. We grew relationships from last year, making them stronger,” Bria Mica, senior, said. 

These bonds have helped the team come together and grow not only as individuals but also as a unit. 

“The team picks each other up and stays positive while encouraging each other,” Tricia Hogrefe, junior, said. 

The girls will need to continue to lift each other up and keep spirits high as there is plenty of room for improvement.

“There’s always going to be another pitch, another inning to improve; this game moves so fast, we can’t dwell on the last one. We need to learn from it and work for the next one,” Welsh said.