Boys lacrosse gears up for success

Brianna Mosinski, In-Depth Editor

Lacrosse teams are getting into the swing of things as a new season approaches.
“We have a lot of new guys this year, whereas last year we had a lot more experience. So this year will be a lot of learning and more basic understanding of concepts and gaining, what I call, Lacrosse IQ,” Aaron Wurtzel, head coach said.
As the new season begins, players start by creating goals and striving to achieve them.
“Our goals last year were to just see how far as a team we could go, but we ended up coming short to Neuqua valley in the second round of playoffs; so this year our goal is to beat them, and finally make it out of our sectional,” Abram Zimmerman, senior, said.
According to, team goals provide a clear direction and plan-of-action for the team and create opportunities to build trust and collaboration.
“The goals are to compete and get better everyday. We have specific focuses each practice for our position groups as well as our offense and defense,” Wurtzel said. “As I tell the boys before we start practice, if we achieve our goal every practice, then we are going to be very successful in games and this will be a very successful season as a whole.”
Even with goals, motivation is crucial for when challenges arise.
“I used to not be able to pass and shoot, but over time I’ve worked on it, and I got better. Sometimes I can do bad, but they keep my head up and I keep going,” Brogan Terry, sophomore, said.
Tough competition is great for growth, and allows for players to know what is needed to be worked on.
“The toughest battle we face honestly, is off the field. Lacrosse is still a growing sport and not a lot of people know about it here in Plainfield – so keeping our numbers up is a struggle. We need to expose the community to the sport of lacrosse because it, in my opinion, is one of the best sports schools offer,” Wurtzel said. “The other piece to this problem is that there are very few that know we even offer lacrosse as a high school sport – all the better for us, we are a Co-Op, meaning anyone from any of the 4 High School’s can join.”
The coaches and players continually show up, get their work done, and keep their eye on the win.
“I just wanna do more and more and expect to keep winning,” Terry said.
The team also knows the importance of mindset on and off the field.
“Biggest strength is the way we battle and our mentality of not going down without giving it our all,” Wurtzel said.
“We have made some very nice comebacks so far this year, and I credit it to our captains and our leaders for initiating and reminding the boys that our mentality is not to go down without throwing everything you got into it.”
Though there are ups and downs with all teams, being surrounded by teammates while playing the sport, and living in the moment, is one of the most memorable parts of being on a team.
“Being with the team all of the days that you spend at practice with them, and also winning for sure, that’s always the best,” Zimmerman said.
The next game will be Thursday away at Marmion Academy in Aurora.