Girls soccer kicks off new season

Abby Timm, Online Editor

The varsity girls soccer team currently has a record of 3-2-1 so far into their new season. Although the team has a winning record now, their first game helped them improve the skills they felt they lacked.
“The whole idea is to keep playing to get better, from start to finish,” varsity coach Ken Schoen said. “Hopefully it had a positive effect on the team, where we realize if we go in without the right amount of effort and intensity that games won’t go our way. I think they learned from the first game with the second game.”
Playing a sport can be mentally taxing, especially after losing the first game of a fresh season, however most of the team agree that their loss can be a teaching moment for themselves.
“I think our first game showed us what we have to work on, because we didn’t have the best first game,” senior Kailey Franco said. “ It really showed us that we have to keep putting in the effort and keep trying, and it also showed us that we have to keep trying in order to do better and that we shouldn’t let this game affect our overall record.”
Most of the team believe that attitude, communication, and trust are necessities out in the field to dominate their plays.
“Mindset is so important in soccer, and we need to put in the effort, and we need to put in the heart,” senior Kadin Parent said. “And a lot of positivity will lead to dedication.”
To keep competing means to keep improving, and the players strive to fix their early struggles
“The girls are committed to success and come to practice and train hard,” Schoen said.
The morale of the team holds an extreme importance over the direction that the team will move in as they progress through the season.
“For the rest of the season I really want to focus on the girls and their morale, because it’s hard being on varsity and it can be challenging sometimes with the times,” junior Bella Torres said. “People can get overwhelmed, so I want to focus on building on things together as a team instead of going on the field and that’s only how we know each other.”
The advancements the varsity girls soccer team have made created a better sense of encouragement and confidence within the team.
“We have a lot of potential, our team chemistry is really the thing we need to work on, which makes sense because we’ve only played two games,” senior Marianne Alexopoulos said. “But as the season goes on I think we’d be a pretty decent team.”