Cheer team prepares for competition


Joseph DeFano

The cheer team performs at halftime at Plainfield Central’s win over Joliet Central.

Abby Timm, Online Editor

The cheer team has set high expectations for themselves as they’re progressing through the football season and into their upcoming competitive season.
“I think the girls I have on my team this year are really dedicated, and so I have a hopeful outlook for the competition season,” coach Paige Visnevac said. “They’re doing things outside of practice, and it’s going to build up their confidence and make them better, so I have a lot of confidence with these girls for the future.”
Though the season has started off well for the team, they’ve also experienced a few setbacks.
“We have had many injuries happen to teammates,” Cameron Terry, senior, said. “We’ve had to work around them and try new things to make it work.”
However, the team always finds a way to reconnect with each other to ensure that the team stays uplifted and confident.
“I think it’s very good and family-like,” Visnevac said. “They’re very supportive of each other and very kind to each other. This year’s been really good with working as a team.”
Confidence plays a key role in the cheer team, and it extends from the girls being confident with themselves to having confidence in their whole team.
“If I’m confident in my own and my team’s abilities then it’s easy not to let the skill of other schools get us down,” Grace Ketchmark, senior, said. “We’re in it for the fun and athletics of it so allowing other schools to get the better of us takes away the fun.”
The bond within this team is exemplified by the cheerleaders, as well as by their coach.
“Our coach is always there when we need help,” Abby Whittington, senior said.“When we had multiple girls out, she stepped in and stunted with us so we could all do our stunts.”
With the football season, each halftime performance is created by the seniors on the cheer team.
“It was a fun challenge to learn how to make a new dance, cheer, and formations,” Holly Maliska, senior said. “Many of us specialize in one area so when we come together we make up really cool routines.”
As the football season comes to an end, the cheer team will continue on into their competition season.
“For competitions, I’m personally more focused on making sure the girls are having fun, and having a clean routine and hitting all of our stunts,” Visnevac said. “It’s good to win, but that’s not everything, so I want to focus on getting a really nice and clean routine and have the girls feel confident enough to do it.”
The cheerleaders have started off this season strong, with their immense amount of teamwork, bonding, and outside practice, leading to a positive outlook for their competitions.
“Being patient is definitely the most important part,” Ketchmark said. “Being patient with one another only makes the team stronger as a whole.”