Behind The Athlete

Behind The Athlete

Olivia Kudla, Sports Editor

Colton Curtner


Varsity Football

How do you feel the season went?

With how hard the team worked, I feel that we did well.

What obstacles did your team have to overcome?

Adversity; this was a problem last year, but as long as we do not give up we can fight through any obstacles.

What do you like about playing football?

I have always loved this game since I was a small child, and actually playing it for this team makes this sport so much more special.

Do you feel close to your teammates or coaches?

Yes, they have grown to become a second family.

What is one of your proudest moments on the field?

Playing and winning against Oswego East sophomore year, I

remember how high the intensity was and I had a decent game


Do you plan on playing football in the future? If so, where?

I may want to play past high school, but that is dependent on my work load and other things.