Boys bowling postponed until further notice


Mitch Hunter, Staff Writer

  The  bowling season  is something that the boys bowling team cannot wait for, but their season might be in jeopardy due to COVID. 

“Considering that we only had two days of tryouts, it was definitely a lot different, because instead of standing around in a group we had to sit down in different spots so that we were making sure we were social distancing,” Ben Smith, senior, said. 

With bowling being such a close-quarters sport, the team had to make adjustments to follow the new IHSA regulations  for the safety of the bowlers and coaches. 

“You can’t high five, you can’t touch each other, and you have to stay 6ft away from everyone and you always have to have a mask on.”  Mason Craig, senior, said. 

Some feel these measures may have an impact on team camaraderie 

“They can’t slap hands, they can’t high five, they can’t do anything that helps the motivation and helps the morale of a team,” Michael Moderhack, coach, said. 

“Not being able to cheer with everyone and support my teammates is probably going to be the most different thing this season.” Craig said. 

Due to Will county going back into stage 3, the team’s season is suspended until further notice. The boys, however, try to make a positive outlook on this situation. 

  “The bowling season is suspended right now, but what we’re trying to do is have varsity come in before, and then keep us separated and then have JV come in after us and have them bowl.” Craig said. “We can only have four people bowl on one lane but we all have to stay away from each other when we actually go up to bowl.” 

Although everyone on the team is experiencing the same drawbacks, the seniors are taking the biggest hit from the news. 

“It sucks that bowling was postponed; this was my last year in the team and I want to compete. In the end, we must realize it for the best of the public’s health, and hopefully we can all get through this together,” Chris Bienvenu, senior, said. 

  Even if the season does resume, players know it would still be uncertain 

“Dealing with Covid is going to be difficult because we could be in season, and could be canceled before sectionals, regionals or state.” Smith said. 

  Even though they might not have a season, the team still has plenty of goals that they want to accomplish. 

  “I want to keep and average over 205, and make it my best year of bowling.” Craig said. 

  The boys bowling team is waiting patiently with high hopes that their season will resume. 

  “We missed out on a lot of new talent due to Covid but that won’t deter us from fighting on our season and having a fun, yet safe time while doing so,” Bienvenu said.