Football team kicks off new season


Isabel Taylor

Quarterback Chris Leto (#11), junior, throws a pass to his teammates in their loss against Oswego East 7-55 on Sept. 6.

Alana Daleige, News Editor

With a record of 45 to 97, the football team is hopeful their scores will turn around and are looking forward to the rest of the season.
“Our overarching theme this year is to ‘pound the stone.’ This idea comes from a Jacob Reese quote about a stone cutter who doesn’t worry about the end result, instead just worries about their focus and determination in the moment,” Jonathan Pereiro, head football coach, said.
He says he wants the guys to have the opportunity to live in the process and says the end result is going to be what it is, and they can have an impact on the result by worrying about the right pound. The players hope this method leads to wins.
“The goal as a team is to make playoffs by playing week by week and changing how this school sees Plainfield Central Football,” Delvin Henderson, senior, said.
He says the team performance has changed a lot throughout the months being a team. They took time building their relationships, but they gained talent and built as a team, and they can’t wait to show everyone where they are now.
“This season, I’m looking forward to play the ‘Team in Orange’ this homecoming because it’s definitely a game to see since we lost last year by a point,” Henderson said.
Football is not only a sport; the team views the sport as a family to the majority of the coaches and team members.
“My definition of teamwork is more than working together when needed to; it’s about being a family outside of the sport,” Henderson said. “The team’s biggest strength is that we have heart. You can go to any player and you’ll tell that they would put it all on the line for the team; each and every one.”
James Buck, senior, also feels the comraderie is strong.
“We’re really close together, we have a good bond, we’re all like a family,” Buck said.
Pereiro said the most rewarding part about being a coach is the ability to form a relationship with his players.
“We build mental skills into our players that is vastly different from other schools and other programs,” Pereiro said.
Buck says Coach Pereiro has helped them change their focus and motivation since their freshman year.
“What motivates me is being the best player I can be not only for myself to be the best but also for my teammates, so I don’t let them down,” Dillon Koty, senior, said.
He says they’re a true family compared to other teams and the team would do anything for another member.
The next game is Sept 20 at Plainfield North High School at 7 p.m.