Boys tennis


Sara Rand

The tennis team has begun practicing indoors until the weather warms up.

Ian Wesselhoff, Staff Writer

After multiple varsity players graduated last year, the boys tennis team is looking toward the future.

“I think the team is capable of placing fourth or third in conference even though we lost a lot of seniors last year,” Christian DeLeon, junior, said.

Not everyone expects the season to be easy, however.

“I believe that the team will have a tough start, but everyone will still perform their best and perform well,” Kevin Cheung, junior, said.

The team’s inexperience at the varsity level could prove to be a problem, but it is viewed as a motivator by the players.

“Considering that the team will be filled with all new players this year probably means that we’ll need to work harder than before,” Reza Alvi, junior, said.

While it is a team sport, tennis is heavily focused on individual skill, so personal development is a large focus for the players.

“My serve is definitely one area I need to improve in,” Alvi said.

DeLeon’s primary goal is more mental.

“[I’m] trying to focus on working on my consistency as a player,” DeLeon said.

Keeping a good attitude is crucial when playing a sport of any kind, and this is an aspect of the game that the players attempt to maintain.

“I try to focus on keeping relaxed and trying my best at every point played,” Cheung said.

Coach John Bayer finds that the recipe for a successful season is not solely based on winning.

“It’s a combination of both [winning and team improvement.] A coach’s job is to get from point A to point B, and point B is improvement. That improvement leads to wins,” Bayer said.

Bayer has been a tennis coach here for many years, and he has left a strong impression on those he coaches.

“My favorite part of tennis is being able to interact with my teammates and having Mr. Bayer as my coach,” Cheung said.

As with any team sport, camaraderie between the players is a vital contributor to success, and it appears that this team has it.

“The team is definitely my favorite aspect of the game. All the players encourage growth within one another and are always positive, no matter the outcome of the game.”