Tennis 4th in conference, aims for sectionals


Hannah Kopek

Senior Katie Kearney serves to Romeoville during the last home match of the season. The Wildcats won 7-0.

Maddie Cox, Entertainment Editor

After placing fourth in conference and achieving a winning record of 9-5 in dual matches, the girls’ varsity tennis team is looking to qualify for state at the IHSA sectional competition on Oct. 13.
“We have a winning record which we haven’t had in a couple years for dual matches. I’m very proud of them and all the work they’ve done so far,” Jaclyn Kwiatt, head coach, said.
Jenna Mohler, freshman, said that Plainfield North and Oswego East were the most challenging teams to face in conference. Even with the tough competition ahead, the team is still confident they will perform well.
“We’re a really strong team this year, and we have such a great winning record, so it’s like nothing’s really that big of a competition. We just have to try hard,” Tamara Kraljevic, junior, said.
The players have been focusing on their mental game in preparation for the IHSA sectional series.
“I’m definitely looking to improve keeping my mental strength through my games and not giving up as easily as I could,” Kraljevic said.
The girls are also focusing on their individual goals. Katie Kearney, senior, says she wants to place in conference, and hopes to qualify for state.
“I’m hoping to play in college so I’m working on both singles and doubles and improving volleys and everything like that, so I can be successful at the next level,” Kearney said.
Kwiatt says her hope is to make sure that she places everyone in the position where they can excel and progress.
“My goal for every season is to grow people’s tennis skills, their form, techniques, help them to make progress, help them to improve, and I think that a lot of girls did that this season, which I’m very proud of,” Kwiatt said.
Tennis has also affected the players’ school life and motivated them to continue to work hard.
“I think it was a good way to know how to balance between school life and extra curriculars. It was a good thing to have around and it introduced me to different people,” Julia Smith, senior, said.