Football team to ‘Rise’ over adversity


Senior Justin Lentz, #21, runs a route to get open to receive a pass from quarterback Nick Barner, senior.

Abby Blazevic, Opinion Editor

After breaking the four-year losing streak last season, fans can expect the team to fight harder than they ever have to gain the top spot this year.
“There is a definite drive to continue our theme Rise and to show our school pride for everyone in the building,” John Pererio, head football coach, said.
The team suffered a loss not only to Plainfield East last week, but also of their wide received, Justin Lentz, senior, who will be out with a broken collar bone.
“He is a great player on the field but is a better friend off the field. He has a lot of heart and gave everything to the team.” Nick Barner, senior, said.
In spite of those struggles, the team will rise through their strengths. They feel practicing and team bonding will create a positive outcome this season.
“When we all play as a team we will go farther in the playoffs than before,” Connor Sloier, senior, said.
As a team with many moving parts, finding a good fit for all positions can be difficult. However, once the fit is discovered, the team could be unstoppable.
“Our defense is pretty solid. I like how our offensive line looks and I think we have a good group of wide receivers,” Tommy Earls, senior, said.
Before each game, the players will group together in the locker room and start jumping in to the game headset. Later, they stretch cohesively and make any last minute preparations for the game according to senior, Reese Lillie.
Football, like any other sport, can be a mental head game that allows the player to be present and alert or spiraling with a 100 different thoughts. For some, it is the former of the two.
“I focus on what I have to do on the field and remember to give 100 percent,” Daniel Carter, senior, said.
The next football game is tonight at home versus Plainfield South.