Rugby desires IHSA recognition


Tom Klimek, Sports Editor

The Plainfield Thundercats are a combination of all four Plainfield schools into two rugby teams, boys and girls; however, they are often unknown to students since they do not have IHSA sponsorship.
“Because we don’t have IHSA state sponsorship, even with our impressive record we’re often not thought about when it comes to sports,” Chris Milojevich, coach, said.
The girls were state champions four years in a row from 2012-2016. This lack of recognition along with lacrosse getting IHSA sponsorship, has caused the players to desire their own spot in IHSA.
“I find it upsetting that we still don’t gain recognition from the school and IHSA even after all that we have done,” Madysen Kulekowskis, senior, said.
This sentiment is not only among the girls’ team; it has also begun to stir within the boys’ team.
“It would definitely be better if we got recognized by the school and IHSA, it would give us all a confidence boost and make us more motivated to work even harder,” Tyler Clinton, senior, said.
The teams also have the goal to improve as players.
“I want to be able to improve and help the team grow better than we’ve ever been before,” Kulekowskis said.
Their playing season began April 5 against the Chiefs, and the players are motivated to prove themselves.
“The players have been practicing very hard. They’re trying to make themselves be heard, and I believe this is going to be a great season,” Milojevich said.
“We’re going to show everyone that even without school or IHSA sponsorship that we can do amazingly within this season,” Saxon said.
Their next game is tomorrow, Apr. 14, at Northpoint Elementary at 12:30 p.m.