Sectional Success for Girls Bowling


Audrey Nelson, Staff Writer

Senior and four-year bowler Megan Allensworth is one of the high-scoring individuals advancing to state from the IHSA sectionals in LaSalle-Peru. She is the first Wildcat representation at the state level since 2012.

Even though bowling is an individual sport, the mindset of the team can make or break a game.

“I wouldn’t have been able to qualify without my team,” Allensworth said. “At the beginning, I knew I wanted to make it to state, but if I was going to make it, I had to bowl at sectionals with my team.”

The team this year worked hard and challenged themselves to meet and exceed their personal and group goals.

While each bowler had personal goals for the season, ranging from picking up spares to bowling a 300 (a perfect game), the coaching staff hoped the team would finish in the top third of the teams at each tournament. The team surpassed their expectations.

“This team’s performance has been steady and strong. Their chemistry is very unique for being such a young team,” head coach Connie McGrath said.

The team was overjoyed upon learning they had qualified together for the sectional tournament.

“I was surprised because we had a chance, but the chance was very little,” said Marisa Flores, senior. Flores said that she was thrilled to have accomplished so many goals this season; originally she had only wanted to bowl for varsity, and the entire team went forward in competition.

“We will be that team that is pushing to be in the top four the entire day,” McGrath said. The top four teams and top five highest-scoring individuals advance to the state tournament.


“This year we’ve had a really great bunch,” Trajceska said. “They always go above and beyond.”

From beginning to end, the team stayed strong and bowled together from frame to frame. Next weekend at state, the coaches foresee greatness from Allensworth.

“Based off of how I bowled at the last tournament where state is hosted, I think it will go very well. My biggest competition is Bailey Delrose from Lockport, but I enjoy bowling with her because watching her motivates me,” said Allensworth.

With the support of her team, Allensworth will be proud of her season no matter what happens this Saturday.