Varsity breaks losing streak


Kat Hahn-Boisvert

Ethan Dominguez, junior, makes a succesful tackle against Plainfield North’s player in their first game on Friday, Sept. 1. The wildcats lost 7-21.

Micha'la Hood

Tom Klimek, Sports Editor

After a several less than ideal seasons, the football team has finally been able to break the losing streak.
“The growth in the team has been fantastic. Most of us have been putting in the work for this season since last November,” Jordan Saxon, senior, said.
“I’m very proud that we were the team that have finally been able to break the streaks that has been going on for so long. It’s a huge relief that we’ve won and that we can finally put this in the past,’” Josh Mackenzie, senior said.
The team started off their season with a loss against plainfield North, but followed it up with a 29-28 victory over East and a 21-14 victory over South in overtime.
“Even though our first game wasn’t the result that we were looking for, we’re still hopeful for a successful season,” Conner Gunnel, senior, said.
“Personally my goal is for us to get to the playoffs. The individual awards will come, but I want to be in the playoffs this season,” LJ Bufkin, sophmore, said.
The team worked well and were able to pull all their skills together.
“We have all the skills that are needed to make a successful team, what we need to do now is put it together. I’m certain that we will be able to achieve this,” Mackenzie said.
“Football specifically is a sport where there aren’t many examples of an individual being able to take a team from nothing to something,” Coach Jon Pereiro said. “It’s a sport where everybody on each side of the ball, offense and defense, has to ensure they are doing their job, otherwise things will not go well. In football it truly is the team over the individual.”
The most important thing to the team is going out and having fun.
“I look forward to getting our guys to get out and have fun playing some football, I think we got away from that in the past and I think they should get out and have fun with the guys that they work hard with,” Pereiro said.
“Honestly I just want to be the best player I can be; and to have fun while doing so,” Gunnell said.
Their next game is home tonight at 7p.m.