Boys basketball team looks to improve


Michael Hood, senior, competes for the basketball against Oswego on Dec. 2. The team went on to lose by a close score of 50 to 46.

Tom Klimek and Juliette Hop

Basketball had a rough start, but now it’s starting to look up.

“A big obstacle that not only I faced is starting off the season on a losing streak,” “It was hard to stay motivated until the first win.” junior Noah Sampson said.

“As the season started it was rough losing some games that we could have won, but now things are starting to look up and we’re winning games and we’re going to keep winning,” Coach Steve Lamberti said.

Basketball is a yearlong sport that takes a lot of commitment.

“The length of it focuses on perseverance and commitment and dealing with adversity throughout the year,” Lamberti said.

“The hardest thing about basketball is that the season is so long and intense,” Sampson said.

There is much to learn from being on the basketball team, such as cooperation.

“I get along really well with my team and we all help each other and give each other tips to help,” Sampson said.

“I get along with the team and try to help them whenever I can,” senior Kameron Williams said.

The players also have different ways they prepare for a match.

“I listen to my music and I focus on what I can do to help the team get a win,” Williams said.

“I find my family in the stands and I play for them,” Sampson said.

After this season, a couple of players are planning on continuing basketball.

“I plan on playing basketball after college,” Williams said.

“I plan on playing after high school, it might be at the college level but I will find a group of guys and play as much as I can,” Sampson said.

This is going to be a basketball team that’s remembered.

“I’ve been coaching high school sports for over 15 years and I’ve been a basketball coach now for 8 years, and this is one of the best group of guys we’ve ever dealt with in terms of personality and perseverance . . .,” Lamberti said.