Three bowlers advance to sectionals


The girls’ bowling team hs enjoyed a successful season, and are looking to advance someone to state.

Stephanie Shields, Staff Writer

Three Lady Wildcat Bowlers are advancing to sectionals: junior Megan Allensworth, senior Esmeralda Flores , and senior Heather Petkewicz.

The bowlers all share the same goal with each other and that is to knock all their pins down.

“[We’d have liked to] get out of the regional and advance to the sectional as a team,” Head Coach Connie McGrath said. “Hopefully, at the sectional we can get some type of representation at the state tournament in Rockford either as a team or an individual.”

In order to accomplish their goals, the ladies have been practicing outside of school as well.

“I’ve tried to go bowling for fun with my friends, but I always end up practicing and trying to make my game better,” junior Megan Allensworth said. With this goal, the girls created a bond to help each other.

“They understand that they will reach their goal if they support one another and keep their confidence in themselves,” McGrath said. Doing this has made some of the ladies score their highest game this season.

“The highest game I ever bowled was a 288,” Allensworth said.

Muc of the success is thanks to Mcgrath. Her passion for bowling is truly affecting the team.

“I knew I wanted to teach girls about the sport of bowling and share my passion for the sport, but more importantly I wanted high school girls to have a strong role model in their life. I wanted to teach the skills to be a great person in society,” McGrath said.

Bowling for the school also really impacts these ladies.

“It’s impacted my life by being a stress reliever and an outlet for many things,” junior Katelyn Berg said.

“Bowling has kept me from getting into trouble and made me feel like I had a safe zone,” Petkewicz said.

With the bond, the goals and the skills the team possesses, they are sure they will have an amazing finish to the season.