Volleyball, ‘family in the making’


Alex Verklan

Juniors Ashley Shook and Kory Beard block a spike from Oswego East.

Through great efforts, the girls’ volleyball team is looking forward to a strong season. The prior year’s success has become a big motivational factor for the girls.

“We are coming off our most successful season in 20 years, so the players and coaches have high expectations to continue the tradition,” head coach, Erik Vogt said.

“We came off a great season last year, finishing first in conference and earning a regional title. After losing only two seniors, our chances for success this season are very high. We ultimately want to win another conference title and win another regional title,” senior, Claire Hotchkin said.

Along with daily practice and hard work, the players feel confident and ready to face the pressure of a competitive sport.

“I’m super excited for this season. Our practice environment is extremely intense, so I know games will go well because we’re used to the pressure,” senior, Kathleen Antos said.

“We practice every school day for three hours. On Saturdays, we usually have early morning practices, sometimes at 5:30 a.m.,” Hotchkin said.

“Our program works very hard, both on and off the court and with high expectations comes hard work,” Vogt said.

United in their effort to do their best in volleyball, the girls’ take the idea of teamwork and mold it to resemble more of a family.

“I love the family vibe that we have. Everyone has each other’s back through everything no matter what. It’s a great environment to be in and even though practices are serious, we always find a way to have fun,” senior, Taylor Covert, said.

“The thing I love most about this team is how close we are. We have team dinners at least once a week; we’re even having a baby shower for our coach,” said Antos.

However, the competitiveness and importance of work ethic that the players have become used to had many beginnings.

“I’ve been playing volleyball since 5th grade. I decided to join because my older cousin played and I wanted to be ‘just like her’ when I grew up,” said Hotchkin.

“I’ve been involved with volleyball at this school since freshman year, but have been playing since 7th grade. I joined because I played in middle school and absolutely loved it,” Covert said.

The team holds the pressure of a successful last season, but as Covert said, “As a team we strive to be our best and perform at our fullest potential.”

Their next game is at Wheaton Warrenville South on Sept. 19.