Boys baseball hits it out of park


Ihssan Ait-boucherbil, News Editor

This season the boys’ baseball team has been successful and is focused on winning the rest of the series.

They are currently second in conference behind Plainfield North, their biggest competition.

“In our area, Plainfield North is always one of the top teams with lots of talent. Currently, they are in 1st place and we are in 2nd in conference, so the series against them at the end of the year will be a big one for us. Currently, our record is 18-10-1, which is one of the best records in the past 10 years,” Pat Hanley, assistant coach said.

“With the season winding down, we are focused on winning every series from here on out,” sophomore Kyle Cockrell, said.

“Baseball is unique in that it is extremely mentally tough on players. There is no other sport that deals with the same stress,” John Rosner, head varsity coach said.

Not only do they have goals as a team, each athlete has a few personal goals.

“My personal goals is to get the job done and work together as a team and focus on the little things,” Nate Haupt, sophomore, said.

Throughout the season the team will run into a few obstacles that they will have to overcome.

“We always start strong, but we need to work on finishing the game. There are seven innings, playing good for the first six but then giving up in the seventh can change the whole game. So playing strong through the whole game would help us win more games,” Cade Thornberry, sophomore said.

Baseball can be a highly competitive sport, and it can sometimes be tough to find their role in the team.

“Each guy early in the season is trying the figure out their role and combining their assets in each game together in order to be successful,” Rosner said.

Most of the athletes have been playing baseball for countless years and love the sport.

Bryce Vayda enjoys “just the sensation of winning. No one likes to lose.”

“I love competing and having a great time with my teammates on the field,” Josh Tesch, senior said.

The baseball team will be competing at Oswego East tonight at 4:30pm.