Girls soccer kick-start new season


Lily Calderon, Opinion Editor

The girls soccer team has high hopes for the season and are committed to succeed in their conference.

“We definitely want to do really good in conference,” junior Mckenna Young said.

“We strive for success and winning all of our conference games this year,” junior Jessie Birchall said.

Although, “their biggest rivalry is with Plainfield South,” according to varsity coach Ken Schoen, “for the conference the biggest competition is Plainfield North and Oswego.”

The team’s newest members are a reason for the positive outlook this season.

“I’m excited because we have good freshman who have moved up,” junior Cat Smith said.

“I feel very confident with my team’s talent and we are all like a family,” Birchall said.

However, the girls’ soccer team’s overall work ethic also provides hope for success.

According to Schoen, the girls’ commitment to the team and their desire to have good practices are common traits seen frequently in the team. Schoen also admires the support they have for each other.

The girls usually practice six days a week for an average of two hours each day.

Some of the girls on the team have showed their commitment from an early age. Birchall and Smith have both been in soccer since they were four years old.

“I like the intensity of the sport and the constant challenges,” Birchall said.

Some of the enjoyable aspects of soccer, according to Young, are the amount of fun they have along with the team activities done during practices.

“The girls really make me realize why I love the sport,” said Birchall.

However, there are some negatives the sport such as injuries.

“There’s been years when we’ve had a lot of people injured, and that affects the depth of the team,” Schoen said.

However, there are still some high expectations for the team.