‘Track Town’ outruns competition

Olivia Kudla, Sports Editor


Boys varsity track and field hope to have a successful season from beginning to end, ultimately finishing with multiple athletes going to state.

“If we as a team can come together, work hard consistently, and focus on the little things, we will be a tough team to compete against come sectionals and state,” Jonathan Pereiro, head coach, said.

Kahmari Montgomery, senior, is a returning state champion in the 200 meter dash and the 400 meter dash and hopes to “make it to state for the same events and the 100.”

Although Montgomery has won state titles, he is faced with “great challenges from other competitors who want to try to take my titles away from me,” so he continues to progress each day.

Remaining healthy the duration of the season can be difficult due to various obstacles athletes have to overcome.

Akwasi Aikins, senior, will try “staying healthy this year since last year at the start of the season I pulled my hamstring, and also will try getting better every day.”

Although track and field may seem focused on the individual, it is ultimately a team sport and the four Plainfield schools have been big competitors against each other.

“All of the other Plainfield High School boy’s teams are great about pushing each other to be the best. When looking at the state leader boards, Plainfield schools consistently rank at the top. Due to this fact, some have taken to calling Plainfield ‘TrackTown,’ Illinois. This competitiveness between the Plainfield schools pushes us each day,” Pereiro said.

Most of the athletes on the team agree the outdoor season tends to be better than the indoor season.

“Definitely the outdoor season because the tracks that we have our meets on are usually better, meaning we can always wear our spikes and not gym shoes. The curves aren’t so sharp because it’s a 400 meter track and there are better events in the outdoor season, for example there is no such thing as 300 meter hurdles for the indoor season,” Sebastian Perhon, senior, said.

The indoor season is difficult due to many factors they cannot control.

“There is adversity indoors with all the different sports taking up the field house, but I will listen to coach and get better regardless,” Colton Curtner, senior, said.

Most have been a part of the track and field program for many years and have progressed each year.

“When I was a sophomore, I told myself I was going PR [Personal Record] by two seconds and I ended up doing it,” Perhon said.

Many people do not enjoy running for fun or for sport, so it can be hard for others to understand why someone would partake in track.

“It can be a team and individual sport. Here specifically I love how passionate Coach P is about the program and how much he cares about us,” Aikins said.

Their next meet is March 28 at Lewis University at 4p.m.