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Bee-utiful mural gets buzzing attention

The AP art students put numerous hours into creating this mural that now shines bright in the “B” hallway.

Deep within Plainfield Central High School, the features of art that are involved throughout the years have remained a vivid visual of its history and culture. Each year, an art mural is painted upon the glass doors and windows in the B hallway as an artistic expression and tradition amongst the art community in the school. 

  Now as you take a stroll through the B Hall this year, a vibrant warm mural of honeycombs and bees is present. When the mural was finalized in its entirety, Lindsey Brown, art teacher, elaborated on the inspiration for the mural’s design and concept.

  “I had members submit ideas to me with the direction of it having to resemble stained glass,” Brown said. “We had many great ideas, but I chose Shannon’s honeycomb/bee idea because I thought it would be something different and it is in the ‘B’ hallway.”

  From the many great ideas that were developed along the way, Emma Purdy, AP art student, brought forth great memories between the art members who collaborated together in the mural.

  “We started a slideshow and everybody put their ideas for the mural and we instantly agreed on the honeycomb design,”  Purdy said. “It was just very fun to paint and talk about what we were going to do.”

  The memories that were painted during their teamwork and effort were vibrant, but alongside the effort came many struggles.

  “Last year, we used black tape to make the stained glass effect; however, the tape left a lot of residue,” Gabby Carpio, AP art student, said. “We experimented with a lot of different ideas to get this end result.” 

  With tons of grit and effort, the AP art students spent many days on this mural, making it one of their longer projects to complete.

  “It took two weeks, two weeks or longer,” Shannon Francsico, AP art student, said. “I stayed in during study hall and lunch to finish it.”

  For the time, perseverance, and accomplishments spent on this picturesque mural, it deserves a special name for anyone to think about any time they pass by it in the B Hallway.

  “There’s no name that I know of,” Annabelle Seum, AP art student, said. “I would just call it ‘A Bee’s Nesting Entrance’.”

  Gleaming in the sun, the honeycomb/bee mural that stands in the B Hallway, despite being a temporary piece, is forever a part of Plainfield Central High School’s history.


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