Seven staff members retire, look to future



Dave Stephens


“I’ll be playing lots of golf and basketball. My favorite memory is being the head basketball coach and teaching social studies. We had an amazing run 2002 to 2006.”

“If this last month has taught me anything, it is that the school is made of the people in it, not the building itself.”

“My advice is to invest and believe in kids. You may be disappointed at times with their decision making, but overall, you will see them become who they were made to be.”





Gary Anton

Permanent sub

“I will be spending time in Florida. My wife of 44 years and I will also be spending enjoyable activities with our grandchildren. I will stay active by officiating high school sports.”

“Watching students mature over four years of high school is always rewarding. “

“Students crave discipline, believe it or not. It’s funny how many of the students I was tougher on requested to be friends with me on Facebook after graduation. That makes me smile.”




Beth Cammiso


“My 4th grandchild was born, and I cannot wait to meet her.”

“Before becoming a high school counselor, I taught elementary school, so it was a big adjustment.”

“The counselors I work with have become close friends. My department is like a family; I have loved coming to work.”

“For advice I would stress the importance of being flexible. Everyone, especially kids, may be struggling, and we have to be kind and encouraging to each other.”



Ken McBeth

Media specialist

“My wife and I are moving to South Carolina. We enjoy outdoor activities, like hiking, biking, kayaking and being able to travel and see all the things we didn’t have a chance to before…and of course visiting my eight grandchildren back in the Chicago area. And of course, the homecomings. Never thought I would say that.”

“Work was always a learning experience for me, as well as an opportunity to grow as a person.”






Linda Morris

Science teacher

“My 26 years at PCHS were eventful and rewarding. I loved my time working here, but mostly the professionals I was blessed enough to work with.”

“When I started here, it had only been reopened for one year since the tornado; there was only one high school in the district. Because of this, the staff was very close knit. It felt more like a family.”

“We teach students by example, word, and deed. Kindness should always be the rule.”




Doug O’Brien

Campus monitor

“I plan to take it easy with my wife at home. I’ll work in my yard, and when I have the opportunity, I’ll grab a book and read.”

“The students were great, always saying ‘Good morning, Doug’.”

“I always had a $5 bet with Mr. Stephens that Kentucky would beat Kansas in basketball. I think maybe we split that. Kentucky would win some and Kansas would win some.”

“Every day was a great day. I wouldn’t get up at 5am if I didn’t enjoy my job.”

couldn’t say enough about the people. All the teachers, secretaries, custodians, I consider them all my friends because they considered me a friend.”

Darlene Viravec

Special ed teacher

“I hope to spend time at Lifetime Fitness when it reopens, read for enjoyment, and volunteer in my community and church.”

“My favorite memory is creating and hanging the locker tags with the Key clubbers. I love walking the halls and seeing all the positive quotes.”

“I remember at the beginning of my first year, the superintendent at the time was wearing boots and a cowboy hat, making his entrance to a country song.”