Weekly ROAR program debuts

Isabel Taylor, Sports Editor

  Reach Out and Read is a key phrase now used to encourage students to free read. ROAR is a new system in which each period is shortened in order to allow free reading time during the beginning of
second period. The reading time will occur every Tuesday in the school year.
“ROAR is a lot like when you guys were little kids and had drop everything and read. You probably remember back to your elementary days,” Dave Stephens, principal, said.
Stephens said that the school has plans of not only
incorporating reading into the Tuesday schedule, but also common themes the school feels are important to address.
“We can put up a cool video we have or a general theme such as mental health,
vaping, anything that’s
topical that we can use,”
Stephens said.
Timothy Torkelson, athletic teacher, said that though he does not have a class during second period, he still has high hopes for ROAR
inspiring students to read.
“The point is to spark
interest in reading, not only when they have to for a class, my hope is that kids will pick up a novel and start to read for enjoyment rather than an assignment,” Torkelson said.
Lynda Clark, math theater, said she hopes that ROAR will help non-readers find a niche for reading, and will give them the time to find what they enjoy.
“ROAR gives students the time to actually sit, take the time to read that they don’t necessarily get because they are working, playing sports,” Clark said.
The hope is that students will be inspired to read books not just in school but also in their free time, especially in an era of technology and social