Ask the Administration – Mr. Stephens

Alana Daliege, News Editor

1. How do you feel about the new room numbering, clocks, and phone system?
I’ve never been so confused in my life. I was here when the school was built so I’m very used to the way things were. But I will give it to the people that did the building because it makes total sense.

2. Why were the names of the drills changed?
The drills have changed because of ALICE training, which has been adopted by our district for the intruder drills. The names have changed based on the direction the schools are going.

3. Why does the homecoming date change and become earlier every year?
It’s not earlier every year. We try to avoid the three day weekend because then no one participates, but it’s dependent on our football schedule. So this year, we have five home games which means we can make it earlier.

4. How was your summer?
I did absolutely nothing! I enjoyed my family, played a lot of golf, got some exercise, was here at school for things. It was just a very relaxed summer.

5. How do you feel about this being your last year?
I’m disappointed that it’s my last year but excited for what the future brings.