Students perform at music festival


Alana Daliege, Staff Writer

Two choral students and one band student have the opportunity to participate in Illinois Music Education Association, a nine-district music program that allows selected students that audition to advance their musical abilities. They hold festivals in January and November.
“It is extremely competitive, especially district nine. There are 100-150 people auditioning for only a few spots,” ILMEA band member Adrianna Giacona, junior, said. The two choir members are juniors Lily Danner and Georgia sigler. The students received their music in May and have been practicing for the audition since.
“The four rooms [for the audition] consisted of singing preassigned selections from two of the four pieces, a tonal skills room as well as a sight singing room,” Danner.
Sigler took advantage of the time given and practiced the pianos at home and in the school’s practice rooms.
“I take private vocal lessons outside of school, so a lot of my preparation consisted of me working with my instructor,” Sigler said. The students had the choice to audition. Choir director Nathan Rancatore says there were 26 choir members that auditioned.
Sigler had already participated in ILMEA at senior level last year. She says she wanted to challenge herself by auditioning again this year. Danner on the other hand, says it’s meticulous work, and she enjoys the challenge of it all.
“ILMEA let me experience a higher-level band, and I gained valuable instruction and feedback, and I enjoyed seeing the choir and orchestra,” Daniel Schmitt, graduate and former ILMEA acceptant said.
The spots were very limited and the three students that made it are grateful.
“It feels phenomenal to know that my hard work is paying off, especially since singing is something, I am very passionate about,” Danner said. They have an opportunity to see how different schools view music at different levels.
“This is a great way to up the ante, and it’s getting them to see how quickly things in the music world happen as opposed to how we are in a structured school environment,” Rancatore said.