Students design, display fashion


Dejah Travis

The fashion display showcases the combined work of senior Allen Garcia, and junior Ariana Bonaparte.

Art takes many forms: painting, photography, drawing and even fashion.
Fashion classes have received a new curriculum; it has become an actual fashion-oriented class rather than just learning how to sew and contstruct garments. Although students’ work has been displayed in the past, this year’s displays will have far more diverse, student-centered designs.
“We want displays that have the students’ input and not just mine. We want them to put in their ideas and show their creativity,” Dawn Askwith, family and consumer sciences teacher, said.
The new display ideas will give the fashion students an opportunity to show off designs that they have created through hard work and effort.
It also gives other students a chance to see the designs and possibly decide that they would like to be a part of that class. Askwith also hopes that students will realize that the program is not a female dominated class but a class for everyone.
“Boys just need to realize that fashion doesn’t have a gender.It’s for people who like fashion and like to dress themselves nicely,” Diego Ochoa, junior, said.
The displays require time and dedication to the class’s lessons.
“I used to not like the class because I wasn’t that good, but now fashion is my favorite class of the day,” Xena Vo, senior, said.
“Its diffrent from any other class. In other classes we have homework and essays we’re required to do, but in fashion we’re free to express our ideas without judgement,” Vo said.
According to Askwith, the displays will change every two to three weeks with different student designs. Different themes will also be included, such as winter wonderland, the beach, fierce feline display, and back tracking to the 90s.
For those who cannot fit fashion into their schedule, there will be a fashion club meeting Feb. 21 from 2:15-3:30p.m. in room 1106. Students do not need to have experinece in sewing in order to join the club.