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‘The Walking Dead’ spinoff’s plotholes add humor


The new “Walking Dead” spinoff, “Daryl Dixon”, just released its first season, and it was laughable. Everything from the plot to the wardrobe had me laughing .While it was a surprisingly good show, there were plenty of plotholes as well.
Due to the later seasons of the main series, “Walking Dead”, I had low expectations for this spinoff. Thankfully, it wasn’t entirely awful. The writers do deserve a pat on the back for portions of this show, such as a flashback to how the main character, Daryl Dixon, came to France.
In these flashbacks, Daryl finds himself in a post-apocalyptic gas station watching a teen boy attempt to work with the violent men at the gas station. Unfortunately for the teen, the other men at the gas station killed him, prompting Daryl to fight one of them and get in trouble with the surprisingly large organization behind the gas station.
These flashbacks were the best part of the show by far. They both made sense and portrayed Daryl well, unlike the rest of the show.
There is one major plot hole in this show: what is a large, post-apocalyptic, French organization doing in America? Throughout the show, characters bring up the idea of forming relationships with other countries.
This does seem like a goal a government organization like this one may have, why didn’t they start with countries on the same continent? The only other country that has been mentioned is England, simply because there is an English character, in which is an obvious excuse for more characters to speak English instead of French. Wasting time sending boats across the ocean to form relations with other countries is absurd when one has many other countries that are much easier to access.
The second major issue is how out of character Daryl has become. The character didn’t change; he was ruined by lazy writers. The comics the series is based off of, Rick Grimes disappears the same way he does in the show, but there’s a major difference. Daryl is not a character in the comics, and Rick’s son Carl never dies.
In the comics, Carl lives and becomes the main character, having already proven himself to be a natural leader and the perfect character to follow in his father’s footsteps. Daryl is not a leader. Despite being a main character throughout the entire show, up until Rick’s disappearance he had very little dialogue, which was simply a character trait. However, because Carl was killed, Daryl was thrown into the position instead, which simply doesn’t suit his character.
The wardrobe, no one wants to see their favorite crossbow wielding redneck dress like a European. Another laughable element is the hinted romantic relationship between Daryl and a nun. Clearly, the writers don’t know that nuns don’t have romantic relationships.
And the most ridiculous part of the show by far, the third coming off the messiah. This nun that Daryl spent the show flirting with believes, as well as the rest of her now deceased convent, that her nephew is the messiah because his mother was bit by a walker during childbirth.
Although this was an odd. poorly written show, it was entertaining and better than I expected. Overall I give it 4 out of 5 stars I would recommend watching it.

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Lee Hoffee, Staff Writer
I am a journalism 1 student, I'm looking forward to getting my work published, and I can't wait for someone to read it!

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