National Honors Society inducts new members


Photo by Rebecca Law

Students are inducted into the NHS on Friday, May 12.

Rebecca Law, Staff Writer

   The National Honors Society (NHS) will induct 82 members for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year at tonight’s ceremony.

  “NHS [National Honor Society] recognizes not only excellence, but is built on four main pillars: scholarship, leadership, service, and character,” Rose Fleming, faculty advisor, said. “Our members shall uphold these pillars throughout the year.”

  New members were selected by school faculty for meeting high standards aligned with the National Honor Society emblem.

  “I’m very excited for the new personalities and ideas that new members will bring,” Karin Walker, faculty advisor, said.

  Members look forward to giving back to their school and community.

  “I’m looking forward to helping out my community, and getting the opportunity to do so with my peers,” Emilee Totosz, junior, said. ”I feel very honored to be inducted, and it is something I have worked towards for a long time.”

“I feel accomplished knowing my efforts were recognized by the organization and I’m looking forward to helping the school and community,” Jakob Nasol, junior, said.

  Before induction, all new inductees vote for next year’s officer positions: the president is Tricia Hografe and vice president Kennedy Guinta.:

  “I am super excited and unbelievably honored to be NHS president,” Hografe said. “I am looking forward to helping,…recognizing, and rewarding others, not only for large achievements but small ones they may accomplish without realization.”

“I’m very excited to be in this position,” Guinta said. “We want to make sure everyone in NHS is able to voice their opinions, not just the members with positions.”

  Each year, NHS members participate in numerous events including volunteering in nursing homes, sponsoring the GreenHouse Elementary School Science Fair, and volunteering at CASA’s annual Christmas Train, a  fundraising event for children in the foster care system.

  “Members will be busy with helping our school and the community by working with all age groups,” Fleming said. “There is a variety of opportunities that they will experience.”