Care club hosts annual hot cocoa fundraiser for children’s hospital

Arlin Lopez, Staff Writer

To raise money for Lurie Children’s Hospital, Care club will fund the hot cocoa fundraiser on November 16 to 18 in the main Cafeteria. 

It is getting cold outside and the Care club has decided to hold the fundraiser again this year.

“In November and December when it’s cold, who doesn’t want a hot chocolate?” Care club sponsor Mitzi Keane said. “I think Hot Chocolate at lunchtime is a nice little treat”.

Since the money is being donated to the hospital Care club is trying to hold off on spending as much as possible “we’re trying not to spend a lot of money because we want as much money as we can to go to the hospital” Keane said.  

The fundraiser is not only fun for students buying hot chocolate but also fun for the students selling it.

“It is fun to sit there and make hot chocolate, versus other fundraisers where you’re just sitting at a table,” Care club president Emma Romberg said. “It’s a different type of environment for the school because all the other clubs benefit the school, but everything we do in this club benefits an outside source”. 

Many members of Care club are excited to participate in this fundraiser giving up their own lunchtime to sell hot chocolate to other students.

“I just love how many members of the club are excited to volunteer for it,” Romberg said.

Since they did this fundraiser last year, they have high hopes for it again this year.

“Last year we raised over $300 so we’re trying to either meet that or go above,” Romberg said. “I just hope a lot of people participate in it,” Care club officer Lilli Bokeelo said. 

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