Journalism staff to compete at IHSA competitions

Jayden Johnson, News editor

Several students from the Fielder staff won awards at conference, placing 6th overall. They are now preparing for IHSA sectionals on April 9 with hopes of advancing to state.
Michael Totosz, senior, who placed first in Copy Editing and third in Sports writing believes that even with every hoop they’ve had to jump through, they put in their best efforts.
“Given how we’ve performed so far, I’m really excited for what we might be faced with this time around. I feel we’ll blow our old progress out of the park,” Totosz said.
Anesa Nevzadi, senior, placed first along with Jayden Johnson, senior, in the Video news category. Nevzadi feels that, despite their great finish, there’s still work to be done.
“We definitely could have managed our time better,” she said. “It was apparent that when we got there our category was going to be a real time cruncher.”
Renee Nieckula, Fielder advisor, was quite proud of her team’s effort and grit.
“The students definitely performed very well for the first in-person competition in 2 years,” she said. “We maintained integrity and worked hard.”
Junior Aaliyah Solano, eidtor-in-chief, feels despite her efforts to practice, not everything is went smoothly.
“I didn’t perform like I hoped I would in this competition. I did review writing and editorial writing for the first time and felt anxious and stressed. The pressure was real,” Solano said. “I definitely can’t wait to see what we have in store for our next competition.”