Semester exams waived

Joe Defano, Staff Writer

There will be no finals this semester for all students in the district.
“The administration felt that due to students not being in the classroom and not in school for 18 months because of the pandemic it would be difficult to assess every student on a final exam,” Assistant Principal Jon Puklin said.
The uncertainty of finals being held this semester has led to teachers preparing their students in different ways.
“For math as a department we decide which classes get an index card and I make suggestions and give reviews that have been used by other teachers in the same subject”, math teacher Connie Billerman said. However, now they will just give the end of the unit test.
Finals can provide practice and show growth development over the course of the semester. When it comes to advanced placement, a final is a way to reconcile previous knowledge that could help students score better on the AP exam.
“I think finals should make a comeback because they prepare you for college even though they can be stressful and it’s better to have them than not, ‘’ senior Hannh O’brien said.
Every final has its own unique experience for a student.
“Not having finals is like having a weight lifted off my shoulders,” senior Jacob Frosch says.
A lot of thought and consideration went into the decision to not have finals.
“Overall I believe that not having finals was a good and educated decision,” junior Jazmin Diaz said.