Lunch seating charts necessary

Jayden Johnson, News Editor

With schools finally going back to in-person learning, there are certain precautions that were suggested to be
taken in order to stay in class for as long as possible. And with situations like possibly contracting the virus
even with masks on, taking even further precautions during situations such as lunch must be adhered to.
According to Matt Ambrose, assistant principal, all four high schools helped decide how the lunch
arrangements would be made, along with consultation from the district office.
“We had to do our best to maintain 3 ft in between students while they ate, along with having the seating chart,”
Ambrose said.
Though students generally understand that precautions need to be taken, it doesn’t mean some shouldn’t have
to have different opinions about it.
“I feel that even though it is safer for students due to ‘Contact Tracing’, I feel we should be able to sit with
anybody at any table,” Calico Reyes said. “Instead, staff should record who we sit with each day, or the table
number in relation to the letter that we are at.”

Despite varying opinions on the lunch seating chart, there isn’t much to be done per the school staff until
officials say otherwise. According to Ambrose, the school can’t do much on this unless “the Governor, CDC,
and IDPH give different guidance and allow for normal seating to occur.”