Theme Thursdays spark creativity in students

Joseph DeFano, Staff Writer

The Student Council has announced Theme Thursdays in which students and staff will dress for a different theme revolving around school spirit.
“In order to create all the different themes we had many summer student council meetings and mixing new ideas with traditional ones”; senior Kayln Jackson, Student Council President said.
Their base for coming up with all the different themes was keeping fan favorites like jersey day, but also incorporating serious ones that need attention like yellow day for suicide prevention week. The next theme will be 80’s day on Oct. 7, following homecoming week.
Some students have already started participating in spirit week.
“[I like] bringing the school community together and getting new people involved,” junior Katelyn Heisen said. As some kids can’t join clubs or sports a way of coming together is to participate in school spirit. However, some students did not decide to join in Jersey day.
“I didn’t have a jersey and I don’t watch sports,” junior Samantha Jesson said. Out of all the Student Council leaders half of them believe that Jersey Day will be the most popular.
“Jersey Day is supposed to be the most popular because most people have a favorite team that they would like to represent,” Student Council Vice President Skylar Stanich said. Student Council Sponsor Kristy Riley really enjoys the use of social media getting everyone involved in Thursday Theme Days.
“The best part of theme days is getting everyone involved,” Riley said. The way the Student Council gets information to the students is through social media, signs, and teachers.
“I encourage the use of social media and signs as it helps spread the word of getting involved (in school spirit),” Riley said.