New staff greets students virtually

Chris Chlebek is the new principal.

Maddie Cox, Editor-in-Chief

Due to COVID-19, students have not had the chance to meet the 15 new staff members that have joined this year.

One of these staff members is Chris Chlebek, the new principal, who previously worked as a teacher and administrator for 22 years.

“At the risk of being cliche, being the principal at PHS is surreal,” Chlebek says, “To be honest, outside of not having students, the experience so far has been wonderful.  The entire school community has been positive and supportive.  I really could not have asked for a better start to my new role.  Outside of being a classroom teacher, it is the greatest honor of my life.”

As the new principal, Chlebek says until students and staff are able to meet in-person, remote learning is the school’s best option.

“For students and staff, my expectations have not changed.  The goal of the school is always to improve student learning.  COVID has limited the depth and speed of both teaching and learning.  However, it still exists, and with each passing week, we continue to get better,” Chlebek says.

Amongst the new staff is Matthew Jareczek, math teacher, who knew he wanted to teach math because he has always loved math. But once he graduated high school, he realized that what he liked more was the teaching and learning of math.

“My advice to my students is to try your best to be engaged in class! I know not every class will be the most interesting, but the best feeling is when you pay attention and then really understand something. And then when we do have more interesting or fun classes, you can enjoy them because you will understand the math a little more,” Jareczek said.

Alyson Singer, counselor, said she describes her personality as pretty laid back, trustworthy, and a hard-worker.

“I try to lead by example and want to be that person that students feel comfortable coming to for any concerns that they may have,” Singer says.

As a counselor, Singer’s position involves helping students in a variety of areas from planning schedules to post-secondary plans after high school. She is an academic advisor, college and career advisor, as well as someone all students came come to if they just need someone to talk to.

“Yes, counselors have lots of information for students, but we are also here to talk to if you need anything. Whether it be about a schedule change or a life-changing event, we’re here to listen and here to help,” Singer says.

The full list of all new faculty is as follows:

Lisa Jones SETA Catalyst

Renee Packer – Social Worker

Kerri Donovan – Math Teacher

Matt Jareczek – Math Teacher

Alyson Singer – Counselor

Tod Schnowske – Dean

Lisa Marcum – Media Specialist

Taylor Fuller – Custodian

Kevin Ryan – LBS1 teacher

Michael Whitt – LBS1 Teacher

Ryan McQuade – (For Koleno 1 yr)

Katherine Schreiber – Science

Casey Babcock – ELL

Daniel Berner – LBS1 teacher