AP exams switch to online platform


Dylan Mau, Staff Writer

  Students enrolled in AP classes will be able to take their exams online from home, according to the AP website. They will also have the option to write and submit a photo.

  “I think that this solution is an easier way and safer especially for students and families who are very concerned about if we had to leave to take the test. I think that this is a smarter way too because most students have access to wifi,” Anne Serdar, senior said.

  Even so, the internet can present other issues, including types of questions. 

  “With it all being online, there are countless problems that can arise, such as a bad internet connection, being unable to log into the test, improper testing times, getting kicked off during the test, etc.,” Danny Doucet, senior, said. “I think the FRQ portions of the test should’ve been scrapped, and only MC be what is being tested; the MC covers a more wide range of generalities and topics as opposed to the specificity behind FRQ.”

  Certain changes are being implemented for all students taking AP exams to help balance the different circumstances.

  “I think the way they are handling it is pretty good considering the world right now. They lowered the test time and material by a significant amount, but there’s still enough left to earn college credit”, Reza Alvi, senior said.

  On the other hand, some students feel this solution is not good enough to determine their overall knowledge of the class. 

  “I think it’s a good alternative, but I don’t think it’s going to be a good way to determine whether or not we ‘know’ the class enough to skip it. Because of the lack of prep that we normally get, this does seem like the best way for us to still take an AP test,” Maya Brown, senior said.

  While some feel the test is less thorough and may be easier, other students may find it more difficult because of the environment. 

  “For those of us, such as myself, who have a hard time focusing at home with all the numerous distractions, as well as the home environment in general, it is much harder to focus and as such makes the whole testing experience a nightmare in itself,” Doucet said. 

  The aspect of cheating is also one to be considered. 

  “Cheating could be an issue, but because of the orders in place due to the coronavirus, I really don’t think that there will be much cheating if any on the tests. Especially if College Board is offering the refund, students who do not feel comfortable taking the tests won’t take them,” Georgia Sigler, senior, said. 

   Because the test will allow open book and notes, Alvi feels cheating won’t be much of a factor, but some students disagree.

  “Cheating will definitely be an issue. Students are being put in a situation where they’re at home with no proctor. There’s no way there won’t be cheating,” Brown said.

   Regardless of the potential drawbacks, most students feel this is the best solution possible.

  “I think they handled it in the best way possible. This is a good solution to a situation that is difficult to handle,” Sigler said.

  Other information such as testing schedules, tutorials, etc. can be found online at https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/students