Boys swim places third in IHSA sectionals

Tie preserves 4-time SPC championship title, team looks to state


Emma Figlewicz

Jameson Gould, Plainfield North junior, dives in to start a free relay at the SPC invitational meet on Feb. 8.

Emma Figlewicz, Staff Writer

After securing the SPC championship title for the fourth consecutive time at Oswego East on Feb 8, the boys swimming team went on to place third at the IHSA Sectionals this past weekend. Now, they hope to exceed last year’s placement of 16th in state.
“Sectionals will always be tough to win without diving, but we will compete for it. We are trying to shoot for top 5 in state,” George Sam, head coach, said.
The teams from around the area have given the boys some tough competition this year.
“Our biggest rival has been Oswego East. We’ve been going back and forth for the past few years, but we have won conference four years in a row now, so it feels pretty good.” Joe Jamo, Plainfield North senior, said.
The team consists of swimmers from all four Plainfield schools, which has allowed the team to be as successful as they have.
“The family background is what has driven the team to be so successful the last several years. The co-op issue is sometimes difficult to bring four schools together and work as one,” Sam said.
Although having a co-op team brings many rewards, the team faces some limitations.
“We don’t have our own pool, so the team goes to the YMCA which is a public facility; due to this we have to limit our practice time. We don’t have a weight room, and transporting everyone to the pool is difficult,” Marc Avery, Plainfield East senior, said.
The two swimmers from Central are freshmen Luke Osipczuk and Joe Broadway.
“Swim is a great way for me to feel connected to people outside of school and to relieve stress,” Broadway said.
The brotherly environment the team embodies makes everyone feel welcome and supported.
“The team communicates well with each other and the bonds we make are good. For the most part it doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman, senior or whatever because you’re still part of the team,” Broadway said.
Due to swim not being as popular as other sports such as football or basketball some people have skewed ideas of what the sport is according to the swim team.
“Some people think swim is an easy sport and it’s leisurely, but it’s more than that. Just like every sport, you must work hard and be dedicated, and swimming is no exception.” Jamo said.
The sport can be mentally challenging considering the team’s rigorous practice schedule, but that doesn’t stop them.
“You have to believe in yourself,” Osipczuk said.
The team will be advancing to state after placing in sectionals, the IHSA State Swim Meet will take place tomorrow and Saturday, Feb. 29 at Evanston Township High School.