eSports creates opportunities for gamers

Stephanie Wallace, Feature Editor

  Video games have entered the world of sports with the new eSports club, that consists of students playing five game modes: Overwatch, League of Legions, Super Smash Bros, Fortnite, and Rocket League.
“There are multiple different teams, but we all run discord with each other, so we are all technically on the same team, but we all have a separate game that we play,” Anthony Fiorini, senior, said.
Most of the communication is done on discord, an online messaging system, and the gaming is done at home. When the club meets on Tuesdays, not every game team will meet because for the most part, they run individually.
The club is sponsored by Kathleen Baggot, algebra and geometry teacher.
“[I wanted] to give an outlet for students to participate and join clubs. It’s a growing field,” Baggot  said.
Players do not let the negative stigma around gaming keep them from enjoying the games that they love. For some, eSports is only the beginning of their gaming career, and they plan to take video games with them to college.
“I do want to start professionally gaming and start getting sponsors and actually going forth with it. Not necessarily everyday game as my job, but start going somewhere with it,” James Ruddy, senior, said.
Some colleges are now offering scholarships for students who participate in eSports. Schools that offering scholarships , such as North Central and Northern Illinois University.
“There are college recruiters at events online and offer those scholarships to students based on their skill in the game,” Baggot said.
Esports has also become a way for students to connect and have fun with teammates.
“I see it as a way to build teamwork and cooperation, getting to know people and [learning] how to deal with people,” Rocco Cipriano, junior, said.