The Outsiders ‘Stay Golden’ in new rendition


Libby Meagher, Staff Writter

  “The Outsiders” is coming to the stage Nov. 15. The play, according to director Cathy Robinson, is sure to be a hit.
“It’s different from what we’ve done before because it’s more of a drama than a comedy or fairytale,” said Robinson.  “It’s definitely a challenge.”
“The Outsiders” centers on Ponyboy, a teenager growing up in the 1960s, and his obstacles as he tries to find acceptance, friendship, and meaning in his life.  The play is based on the 1967 novel of the same name by S. E. Hinton.
Senior Lily Danner explained that she has formed “family bonds” with several of the other actors.
“I love them all, and they make me laugh every day,” she said.  “I can count on them on and off stage.”
Danner will be portraying the lead female role of Cherry in half of the shows.  Her sophomore counterpart, Maggie Meagher, will play Cherry on her off nights.
Sophomore Maggie Meagher is proud of the progress she and her fellow actors have made.
“It’s really cool to see a book that a lot of us have read translated onstage,” said Meagher.  “I’m glad I get to share this experience with so many awesome people.”
Putting the show together has been no easy feat, according to sophomore Courtney Langley, who will be playing Johnny.         “People around this time of year are getting sick,” she said.  “Also, there have been work issues.”  It has been hard for actors like Langley to rehearse with their fellow cast members absent.  Despite this, Langley is optimistic.
“We still got through it and we’re still getting better.”
Gerald Slothower, junior, who will be starring as Ponyboy in the production, believes that the show will teach audiences pertinent messages.
“There are two sides to every story,” said Slothower.  “[‘The Outsiders’] exemplifies that everyone has their own individual thing they’re going through.”
The show certainly has a lot of people excited.
“It’s gonna be a fantastic time,” Slothower explained.“It’s something you don’t want to miss.”
Josie Provencher, senior, who plays Darry, has learned important lessons throughout the production.
“Always keep your family and friends close. Spend each moment with them like it’s the last,” Provencher said.