Student dancers leap into show preparation


The seventh period dance class is one of several groups that will perform in the dance show on April 26. Photo by Abby Blazevic

Lennon Custer, Staff Writer

A blast from the past will arrive at 7 p.m. April 26 in the auditorium. The cost is $5 for adults and $2 for senior citizens and students with an ID.
This year’s dance show merges together different styles of dance to create a dynamic show.
“Contemporary is big this year [in the dance show] and so are jazz and hip-hop,” Bridget Taylor, dance instructor, said.
Dance students choose the theme for the dance show each year.
“Dance 2 classes brainstorm at the beginning of the semester and then all the dance classes voted- Blast from the Past was the favorite this year.” Taylor said.
Dance students also help put together the choreography for the show.
“I choreograph things for dance because I love to get my own personal style of dance out there, and I preform because it gives me a rush knowing people are watching me do what I love.” Makayla Pinto, junior, said.
Alongside the show, the dancers develop important relationships with each other which gives an authentic feel to their dancing together.
“[Our relationships are] for the most part great, there’s no room for hatred. I have met some of the best people through dance and I am so thankful for that,” Kierra O’Connell, senior, said.
Many different aspects come together to prepare for the dance show.
“Students practice during class regularly. We work on skills necessary for dances in our warm-ups, and then dance choreography. We also will be doing a dress rehearsal with the tech crew to prepare our lighting/sound/costumes to maximize the visual effect of the show,” Taylor said. Alongside providing entertainment, the dance show helps the students learn many other skills.
“Students are involved in many facets that help them develop leadership and life skills- from designing the t-shirts and programs and costumes, to promoting/advertising, narrating, music editing, choreographing, and helping one another, these students are building character on and off the stage,” Taylor said.
Dancers each have their own ways to prepare for the show besides practicing.
“I prepare for the dance show by doing things to relax me like breathing exercises and having comfort food.” Sade Young, junior, said.