Speech Team Season Ends


Sarah Hlade

Juniors Guillermo Vazquez and Jayden Bauer placed 8th in Humorous Duet Acting—Two away from breaking into finals.

Abby Blazevic, Staff Reporter

The speech team ended their season after sectionals this past weekend. Although no competitor made it to state by finishing in the top 6 places, junior Iris Wright placed 7th in Original Oratory, and Guillermo Vazquez and Jayden Bauer placed 8th in Humorous Duet Acting.

“Overall every student improved tremendously throughout the season and the team had seven amazing students representing Plainfield Central in a very tough sectional,” Coach Rebecca Dudek said. 

The team has been preparing for the starting competitions since early September. First, they chose their categories with or without partners, which they competed in all season. Then depending on the category they chose, they rehearsed the given script or created an original one. They have been working hard and meeting almost every day after school according to coach Samantha Kukuk. 

As the season progressed, members had to deal with a lot of barriers as they tried to gain a spot on top of the leaderboard. No one knows what will happen at a competition placing wise, but the members always hope for the best. While the team has been hard at work perfecting their performances, they weren’t the only ones who wanted to come prepared. 

“Facing off against really good competitors who have more experience was a big obstacle this season,” Captain, senior, Sarah Hlade, said.  

Like any other competitive club, members have learned many important lessons. Speech is making a connection with the audience and judges and pulling their attention. Many people come to watch the competitors face off against each other, so it is a huge possibility that nerves are up in the air. Some have worked on the fear factor of being in front of an audience, but in the end facing the crowd is mandatory. 

“Speech has given me a lot of confidence and made me become more sure of myself when I’m performing,” Olivia Brady, sophomore, said. 

The team is always looking for new members to join during next year’s season. In order for a person to feel confident while participating in speech, they need to break out of their shell and feel more comfortable talking to a crowd according to Captain, senior, Emma Jaszczak.