New teachers feel welcomed


Shannon Tierney

Katie Baggott uses her MOBE to write examples for her Algebra I class.

Julincia Brandon, Website editor

Thirteen new staff members are getting to know the PCHS “family” and are loving the environment.
“I like that the students and faculty are nice and friendly. I get a family atmosphere here, like I am now part of the wildcat family,” Jennifer Rodeck, French teacher said.
Many of the new teachers followed their childhood dreams of becoming a teacher.
“I’ve always known that I wanted to be a teacher, but I also wanted to play for the WNBA,” says Sarah Kozola, ASL teacher.
High school can be hard and everyone will make mistakes including the new teachers. They had embarrassing moments during their high school years.
“My first day of high school, I tripped and fell down about 5 steps and landed hard during a passing period,” Katie Baggott. math teacher, said.
The teachers have lives outside of school and are relatable. They enjoy some of the same hobbies that students do and even share some of the same interests.
“I’ve played softball since I was 7 years old. I love science, so I was a part of the science club,” Jacquelyn Barkemeyer, chemistry teacher, said.
“I received an I Love You note from my daughter on her first day of school,” Kozola said.
The new teachers also have firm values and appreciate having a strong sense of community within the school.
“Plainfield is hands down the best school district I’ve been a part of. Everyday here is better than the last,” Rob McGahey, engineering teacher, said.
“There is a great sense of community here. I became a teacher because I wanted to give back and help students grow as artist and as active members of the Plainfield community,” Hunter Drendel, art teacher, said.
The other new teachers are Carmen Beltran, spanish teacher; Lex Lanfair, permanent sub; Shaina Shaver, special education teacher; Kristin Suma, spanish teacher; Drew Tylin, credit recovery; Bill Vassios, math teacher; and Stephen Visser, business teacher.