Drumapalooza rocks

Kat Hahn-Boisvert, Copy Editor

The 2nd annual Drumapalooza featured percussionists from the drumline, as well as selections from Timber Ridge and John F. Kennedy Middle School.
“This is something Mr. Valkema and I started talking about last year, to get the drummers a chance to perform unlike they do in concerts,” Chris Vanderwall, marching band percussion instructor said. “Timber Ridge was a part of it last year, which was our first year. This year I added JFK since that’s where I teach.”
Selections included junior Ethan Wepfer on snare playing Chopstakovich.
“It was the hardest piece I’ve ever played, and I think I played it well,” Wepfer said. Another selection was an acapella piece entitled barnyard boogie, performed by senior Max Hanna, junior Dominic Heye, sophomore Alex Ilibasic, junior Daniel Schmitt, junior Cam Smith, and senior Connor Wittman. The performers proceeded to make common barnyard animal sounds.
“To me [percussion is mainly things that involve rhythm. Body percussion is definitely a sub- genre,” Schmitt said.
During the intermission, the audience was invited to buy raffle tickets and purchase goods from the bake sale. The money will go to a new Marimba which costs $4,000.
“As our percussion section grows, we want our instrument supply to grow,” Vanderwall said. Before the performance, the audience was welcomed to play the different percussion instruments in the band room. There was a marimba, xylophone, bongos, cymbals, chimes, and many more options.
The end selection was entitled Rio by Night and showcased all of the featured percussionists. The high schoolers played on the instruments, with the middle schoolers support on the maracas.
“It was an eye-opening experience that showed the potential of young percussionists,” David Patish, senior, said.
“I’m glad we have done this, and I hope it continues to grow,” Vanderwall said.