4 teachers retire

Shannon Tierney, In-Depth Editor

Four staff members are saying goodbye to teaching and hello to retirement.
Mary Gucinski, foreign language teacher, has many great memories from teaching, but one of the most influential was when a past student took the time to thank her.
“A few years ago I received a letter from a former student thanking me for not giving up on him even though he was a “lazy kid”. His words.   He was writing from Spain where he was doing a part of a semester abroad through his college. That letter validated my reason for teaching,” Gucinski said.
Janet Nackovic, teaching assistant, recalls one of her own most influential times teaching when she was involved with Key Club.
“Teenagers often get a bad rap, but I have had the privilege of working with a wonderful group of giving students who volunteer their time and talents at school and in the community,” Nackovic said.
Deb Mini, French teacher, recalls not only coming together as a community during the aftermath of the tornado in 1990 but also remembers more humorous incidents.
“This year I drank from a student’s water bottle by mistake. We were both disgusted,” Mini said.
Wendy Novotony, catalyst assistant, plans to use her retirement to the fullest.
“I am going to catch up on all the household things I haven’t been able to do while working, and taking care of myself a little bit more by exercising. I also hope to find a volounteer positon,” Novotony said.
Retirement is just the beginning of a life of adventure, relaxation, and catching up.
“I will travel, possibly do a mission trip, and maybe learn another language!” Mini said.
“I will clean my house from top to bottom and finally get a handle on those nasty dust bunnies that seem to procreate exponentially,” Gucinski said.
A little bit of wisdom will be left from each of these teachers after they retire.
“Remember to believe in yourself and reach for the stars. Even if you fall a little short you will still be way ahead of those that haven’t even tried!” Guinski said.