Club members help raise money

Jack Plewa, Editor in Chief

This year, the Savers fundraiser is being held to help raise money for New Student Ambassador (NSA), National Art Honor Society (NAHS), and the PTSO.  The money raised helps the clubs to purchase any type of supplies they might need (e.g. NSA would like to provide PCHS gear to new students to help them feel welcomed to the school.

“It all started with Google.  I researched high school fundraisers and found Savers,” Kathe Hawkins, PTSO representative, said.  “I liked the idea because it didn’t involve buying anything.”

While purchasing items for the fundraiser is not required, participating in it will allow NAHS to buy supplies they need that they can’t always afford.

“Running an art department is expensive with all of the art supplies needed to do so and we are limited with what we can do with what we have,” Lindsey Brown, NAHS advisor, said.

Savers is a thrift store that sells used clothing, accessories, and household goods.  The donation process begins with local residents donating reusable items to local nonprofits at Savers stores or directly to their nonprofit partners, then Savers pays local nonprofits for their donations, donations are sorted and priced based on weight and value, consumers can purchase affordable items for their family and home, and any unsold items will be recycled or sent to developing countries.

Savers also creates jobs for people and helps support local communities.

“You’re helping other people and at the same time raising money,” Christina Florence, NSA advisor, said.

Everyone can help and get involved in this fundraiser, such as students, staff members, and even the community.

“We are trying to get advertisements in the Plainfield Patch, Enterprise, and Herald News,” Hawkins said.  “We are also putting flyers up in locals businesses, like Panera Bread, and we have a Facebook and twitter.”

Items to donate include clothes, shoes, bags, small electrical appliances, toys, kitchenware, books, small furniture, and other household items.  Donations can be dropped off in students’ second period class until Feb. 24, and the community drop-off date is Feb. 25.

“We would like to raise as much as we can because the amount we earn is based on weight,” Florence said.

The class that has the heaviest amount of donations will receive donuts or a pizza party.

“Since it’s running for three weeks I hope everyone will start seeing everyone else donating to encourage them with friendly competition,” Brown said.

For more information about Savers and their mission, visit their website at, and help support a nonprofit in the community.