Band, choir entertain with holiday carols

Jessica Bilak and Madi Curran, Staff Writers

People say that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and a wonderful time for music. All around the world, people gather together to sing carols and play pieces of music, which is what the band and choral programs are doing to celebrate the holiday season.

The holiday collage concert began last night, and the second performance is tonight in the auditorium from 7 to 8:30p.m.

This concert is not like any concerts put on during the year and it even sets itself apart from past collage concerts,

“This concert is different than the others because of the 23 to 25 ensembles performing and there will be a group performing from above the auditorium in the lit catwalk,” director Dan Valkema said.

According to sophomore Grace Hale, the band has been practicing for a month. Despite their constant rehearsals, there are still a few challenges when it comes to performing.

“The biggest challenge is probably working with the choir because we have to make sure not to over-play the choir students since instruments are louder than voices,” Grace Hale, sophomore, said.

However, others find that getting to the correct spot at the correct time is the most difficult thing to execute when it comes to the collage concert.

“I think the biggest challenge is trying to know where your spot in the performance is and when you’re supposed to get there,” junior Megan Allensworth said.

Regardless of a few challenges, there is always something for people to look forward to, whether in band or in the audience.

“I enjoy working with the entire band again since after marching band, the entire band doesn’t work together for one piece until this concert,” Hale said.

Like many collage concerts in the past, the band is bringing back a crowd favorite.

“The wind symphony is playing “Sleigh Ride”. After four years we decided it was time to bring it back,” Valkema said.

There are perks to liking Christmas music because this concert is a great experience for holiday goers of all ages. The cast invites everyone to come for the last showing tonight.

“I am looking forward to the pieces because they’re fun and I like Christmas music,” Allensworth said. This concert is perfect for anyone ready to jump in the holiday spirit.