Hospitality takes over the hallways

Julincia Brandon, Staff Reporter

New to Plainfield Central this year is the Wildcat Care Club. The Wildcat Care Club is dedicated to helping pediatric cancer patient and letting them know that people care about them and that there are people willing to help them get through this rough phase in their life.

“The main point to the club is just getting more people involved with helping children who are struggling with a medical condition .While we can’t cure diseases or take away cancer, we can offer our support and wishes,” Elizabeth Hsieh, vice president, said.

This club is open to all students, freshman through seniors, who are willing to lend a helping hand and volunteering to help show our care to the patients. Others can help by donating and showing their support and awareness for the patients.

“I wanted to put a smile on a face of a child going through a tough battle and brighten his/her day,” Connor Divelbiss, president, said.

Divelbiss wants to be apart of the medical field when he gets older and he loves to volunteer so he is trying to share this passion to the school. He has opened this club to anyone that wants help raise the spirits of children at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

So come out and show that you care for children who are going through this rough time and who are battling diseases.