Students follow as trends repeat

Brianna Mosinski, In-Depth Editor

  From clothing to music, to styles, trends have substantially changed and a few unexpected pieces are making a comeback.

  “We see a lot of fast fashion, meaning clothes that go in and out of style very quickly and can be bought fairly inexpensively. We are currently seeing a 90s and 2000s revival. When I say that… goodbye skinny jeans, hello flared bottom jeans, lots of oversized tops and cutout details,” Dawn Askwith, fashion teacher said. “We are going to see more cardigans like vests and midriffs (still), chunky or platform-based shoes, flares, oversized shirts/sweatshirts, and more becoming popular.”

  Trend standards can be higher in high school because a person might feel they need to wear a certain piece of clothing to fit in.

  “I think students would follow a trend if it was spread on social media probably, or just by talking about it because then people would think it’s cool,” Ubaldo Rodriguez, sophomore, said. “Trends generally change over time, which makes it hard to notice unless you’re actively paying attention or really thinking about it.”

  Not everyone decides to join in on the trends. According to a Fielder survey, 63.2% of students do not make sure they are following a trend at school.

  “I think trends are followed for the most part. It is a way for people to feel part of a group. Plus if every store is selling these trends, it’s kind of hard not to follow them,” Askwith said.

  Recently, clothing all the way from the 70s is making an appearance.

  “Society has changed the way some people dress because there are always different types of trends like the disco era, hippie, or 2000s,” Gwen Ruch, junior said. “It would be cool to see the disco era come back because it was more of a fun time.”

  Not only has clothing changed but so have music and social media. According to a Fielder survey, 71% of students listen to rap and 81% have TikTok.

  “Generally there is more pressure to conform to what is trendy in high school,” Rodriguez said. “I think greater social media consumption will develop in the near future.”

  Trends can express many different identities, but could also just express what a person likes.

  “What I’ve noticed in clothing, society, music, or social media is that it almost reflects who you are as a person,” Ruch said.

  Though trends come and go, bringing in an old trend can be a fun way to express different time periods.

  “I feel like people are more expressive through their clothes and it helps them express their individuality and personality. I think people see more through social media and are a bit more daring and risqué than in previous times,” Askwith said. “I feel like whatever is most affordable and that can express how they want to look and feel is what they go for.”