Support needed most

Miguel Cambray, News Editor

Pregnancy can be one of two things: A very joyous moment to celebrate, or a completely dreadful moment. Especially at a younger age, there is a constant stigma around teenage pregnancy. Honestly, though, it definitely is nothing celebratory to have a child at a young age, even at 18 with their life just getting started.   However, there needs to be more of an acceptance of the situation at hand. Regardless of mistakes, or even the planning to conceive a child during a woman’s teens, there needs to be supported.
Teenage pregnancy is a very emotional and serious moment that needs a community willing to help push through it instead of isolating a young woman. Regardless of the outcome, if there is a plan to abort the baby or to conceive the baby there should be people every step of the way. It is important that there is emotional support, and there should be no one going through this situation alone.
As a society, I truly believe that people should mind their own business. No one should judge anyone because of a pregnancy. That stigma needs to end. According to the National Library of Medicine, teen mothers are at higher risk of depression during the first 6 months than adult mothers. The other fact is that after birth teen mothers are more prone to fall into depression. There is so much happening in such a short amount of time, and basically, their whole world is upside down. While other teens may go out on a Friday night, a teen mother might have to stay home and care for the baby.
It is imperative that as a society there should be no shame brought onto a teen mother. There shouldn’t be rumors, mean comments, or isolation because of the pregnancy. Although getting pregnant might have been a very serious mistake, as a community, and as a school, we need to have acceptance and a warm welcome to help bring something positive to people’s lives when they need it most.