Fake trees are a better choice

Fake trees are a better choice

Paige Williams, Feature editor

The holidays are the most stressful time of the year for most families so why do people feel the need to stress out about the Christmas tree of all things? 

Living in 2020 our generation is all about efficiency, rather than making the whole family take a trip to stand in cold weather, to haul, trim, and carry a real Christmas tree home, I would rather ship it to my doorstep. 

Artificial Christmas trees are overlooked in many ways. The convenience of only having to buy one reusable Christmas tree will end up saving time and money in the future. While real trees can range anywhere from typically $50 and up in price depending on size and condition of the tree, a trip and purchase must be made once each year. Artificial trees can come in multiple sizes, colors, and styles to fit the theme for every family’s perfect holiday, not to mention the one time purchase ranging from $30 and up depending on size, color, and popularity. Over time, by reusing the artificial trees owners will save money and time.

    Decorating artificial trees is also much easier. Memories and holiday spirit can still be spread without worrying about falling pine needles, sap, the tree base, or watering the tree daily. An artificial tree requires no care other than plugging in the Christmas lights and enjoying the view. 

Not to mention real trees can be a potential safety hazard in a few ways. Artificial trees are hypoallergenic so there’s no need to worry about mold or pollen from real pine trees that can cause a runny nose, watery eyes, or trouble breathing.  Artificial trees also eliminate the need to worry about possible bugs who lived on or in the tree being in your home. Another possible hazard with real trees is the increased potential for a house fire. Once you’ve cut down a real pine tree the pine and branches become more dry, the hot Christmas bulbs against a dry pine tree could be enough to catch the tree and if not careful, everything near it, on fire. 

While buying artificial Christmas trees may seem “clique”, great memories can be made regardless of fake or real. Artificial trees overall save money, time, and are safer.